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Newport News Police Department making policy changes in response to nation's call for justice

Mothers and their children stood in solidarity Tuesday for a better future. Newport News families marched to City Hall with George Floyd in their hearts.

“I don’t want my son to plead for me like that,” said one protester. “I don’t want him to say he can’t breathe.” 

They were joined by community leaders that urged the crowd to make their voices count.

“Even in quiet times, when there is not a national outcry, we have to show up at city council,” said EmPower, LLC founder Yugonda Sample-Jones. “We have to hold our elected officials accountable.” 

Sample-Jones organized the march. It also doubled as a chance for people to register to vote.

“It’s really nice that reform is being talked about, but who are the people in the rooms when reform is being talked about?” Sample-Jones asked. 

Hours earlier, Newport News Police Chief Steve Drew announced changes within his own department. 


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